Investing going the extra mile

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In the final phase of the True Connection partnership with M&G Investments, we hear from senior fund selectors and asset managers executives across the globe on the role of tech and the challenges of the new normal when it comes to servicing clients, and whether improved transparency is finally here across the industry.


The do’s and don’ts for asset managers on Zoom

Preparation is everything. In the pandemic, video meetings among investors and fund selectors have improved efficiency, but quality remains the next challenge especially for the newcomers.

‘The days of 12-page reviews are gone’: how is service evolving in asset management?

If disclosure lacks, there is still guidance. Fund selectors applaud the increase in transparency from fund houses during the crisis and the progress in speed.

No excuses: Can asset managers keep up with the new standards of service?

From requesting urgent data points to usual demands, fund selectors discuss asset managers raising the bar when it comes to accessibility of service during the crisis and what hasn’t actually changed in the way they respond to clients.